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Example of an Oil Purchasing Confirmation email

From: (whoever’s turn it is to manage the oil ordering)

To: (all group members who have opted-in) “Blind copy” will be used to preserve confidentiality

Sent: (date/time)

Subject: OIL ORDER

The following have placed heating oil order on this occasion (quantity in litres) Please check that you are listed and that the quantity required is as requested - and contact me ASAP if not.

A*** 600, B***** 600, B*** 1,000, B**** 700, B*** 600, B**** 700, B****** 1,000, B***** 800, C***** 800, C***** 800, C****** 600, C***** 750, D***** 600, E**** 1,500, F***** 1,200, G**** 500, G***** 500, G***** 750, H**** 1,500, H***** 1,600, H**** 800, H***** 1,000, H*****, 500 H***** 1,000, I***** 1,000, J**** 500, J**** 750, K**** 1,000, L**** 600, L***** 1,000, M****** 1,000, M*** 500, M***** 500, M***** 600, N**** 600, P**** 800, P*** 500, P**** 700, P**** 600, P****** 1,000, P****** 500, R**** 500, S**** 500, S***** 500, T**** 500, T**** 600, V**** 750, W****** 800, W*** 500, W**** 900 Y**** 1,000, Y***** 600

Order Total 39,700 litres - 52 drops.

Names will be shown in a real email so as to allow members to see whether the quantity is shown correctly against their name

Quotes on total volume obtained today (from the 3 most competitive suppliers who will also Invoice post delivery)

(Price/litre + 5% VAT)

Butler Fuels: 57.39

Tincknell Fuels: 58.42

Ford Fuels: Didn't quote, as couldn't compete with Butler Fuels.

To indicate the saving by purchasing as a group, Hobbs Bros price today for an (individual) order of 500 litres is 62.09p/litre (+ VAT) - ie we are achieving a saving by purchasing as a group of 4.07p/litre (£20.35) on that quantity with Butler Fuels.

The order is therefore placed with Butler Fuels at 57.39p/litre + 5% VAT. The total order cost is £22,496.88 + VAT

Butler Fuels have indicated delivery next week commencing Tuesday 8th (post Bank Holiday) to be concluded by Friday 11th. If I obtain more specific info I will inform you. Contact me (only) if it is critical that you know.

If anyone wishes to drop out, then please notify me ASAP. Please ensure those that have padlocked tanks and/or access gates that they are unlocked. You will be Invoiced for payment post delivery

The next group order will be placed in early September


(Name and contact number)