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Join our local Heating Oil purchasing group

A bulk-purchasing scheme is operating for residents whose houses depend on oil-fired heating.

Quite simply, there are 2 particular benefits:

  1. Typical price improvements of up to 5% relative to single order prices for larger quantities.
  2. Being able to buy the minimum quantity of 500 litres at the bulk buy price.

Up to June 2015, 25 households in Slad and Elcombe have either expressed an interest or already taken part over the 2 years this has been running. To join us please click on the box below and follow the instructions

There will be 4 group purchases per year in September, December, February and May from which you can benefit on an opt-in basis each time around.

Typically the price will be around 3p/litre lower than you would pay for an individual order of 500 litres.  Thus by joining in the group-purchase you can purchase as little as 500 litres at the group price, saving about £15.

Instead of buying more than you need for 3 months, to try and bring the price down, why not spread the cost by buying as little as you need in each group purchase round?

This is a win-win.  We get better prices because the supplier is getting more efficient deployment of delivery vehicles.

FAQ on the purchasing group

I want to join the heating group

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