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Example of an Oil Purchasing Opt-in email

I am now requesting syndicate heating oil orders for May delivery. (I would anticipate price to be largely in line with the 59.5p/litre + 5% VAT as per last order in February)

Please opt-in by replying to my invitation email by 9am, Thursday 3rd May (i.e. normally 7 days from sending out this email) if you would like to order on this occasion.  

NB - No orders will be accepted beyond this deadline & no amendments will be permitted unless authorised with chosen supplier by me

I will obtain quotes on the total order quantity and then notify you of best obtained price and assume all orders are confirmed unless you specifically request me to withdraw your order - I will also contact you when I am informed by chosen supplier as to when delivery can be expected. You will be invoiced separately post delivery.

NB By placing an order through me for bulk delivery in this manner, you give me your permission to pass your necessary contact information to the supplier as given by you to me. It will not be my responsibility if for any reason you are unable to be delivered to by the supplier, or fail to comply with their payment terms post delivery.

Please notify me of your quantity required - minimum 500 litres, maximum 2,200 litres (above this VAT is charged at 20% not 5%). Please do not order more than you confidently know will fit in your tank and note that the price will be the same regardless of quantity ordered, so particularly favourable to those only requiring the minimum 500 litres.

The next group bulk order will be in early September.


(Name and contact number)