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Frequently Asked Questions about the Oil Purchasing Group

How much Oil can I order? Minimum 500 litres, increasing in 100 litre increments. Domestic VAT rate for heating fuel of 5% applies.  Don’t order more than 2200 litres or you will pay full commercial rate VAT, currently 20%.

Where will the fuel come from? Generally the cheapest quotation from a range of potential suppliers, including local wholesalers like Hobbs as well as oil companies like Total.

Can I still order oil independently of the group? Of course, if you are running low between group orders, please go ahead.  Please do not attempt to use a group price as a weapon to try and beat-down a wholesaler.  Word will get back to us and we may lose the goodwill of the supplier, compromising our ability to negotiate attractive deals.

What if I miss the cut-off date for a group order?  This is run on a voluntary basis designed to be easy on both the members and the person handling the purchasing round. Please keep your contact details up-to-date so that you don’t miss email invitations to opt-in to a purchasing round. A deadline will be given and will be strictly adhered to.

When the order goes in, how long will I have to wait for the oil to be delivered? Typically about 4 to 10 days will be required.  

How do I pay for the oil?  The supplier will invoice you directly for immediate payment. You are responsible for adhering to their terms.  Membership of the group depends on your indemnity that you confer no responsibility for payment for fuel onto the person organising the purchasing round.

What will the emails you send me look like?

What if the person who usually runs this is indisposed?  The process is designed to be so straightforward that the job of coordinating the orders is an easily transferable role. Given a little bit of a leg-up, any member of the group could run the process.