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Oil Purchase - How does the bulk-buying scheme work?

Four times a season (year), the group leader will invite everyone to say whether or not they want to be included in the purchasing round and how much oil they want. An email will be broadcast to all members in the first week of September, December, March and June with a 7-day notice of intent to place the order.  To take part you must opt-in by return.

After 7 days the round will close and the leader will phone around suppliers to get the best prices for the aggregate quantity of oil, notify the outcome to the members and place the order.

The responsibility for payment is no different from the conventional method whereby you place the order on a one-to-one contract with the supplier.  The oil distributors are quite used to dealing with group purchasing schemes and will invoice each member of the group individually according to how much oil they order.

What do I need to do to join the group?

Email the group co-ordinator with the following information (or just ask her a question!). Click on the envelope below or email

To avoid the risk of a delivery going astray, it essential that you mark your oil tank with a number by way of a unique indentifier.  The number is obtained from the Slad Map on this website.  Please print off the PDF file and check that your house name and location is correctly identified on the map.  Paint the number in an easily visible location onto your tank/filler-pipe/enclosure accordingly.  The delivery driver will check this number as confirmation that he is in the right place, facilitating delivery when the householder is not present.

Note that if your tank is padlocked, you are responsible for releasing this to enable delivery.

What else can you tell me about the way it works - (FAQ)? Mail: Soc web enquiry