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What is the consultation about?

Possible plan to develop Slad Church to become more of a community facility for Slad

 As people may know, the Slad Church community has been working hard to develop and enhance the church building and it has plans to do more. Last year new central heating was put in, and one of the next things on the list may  be toilet facilities.  There are potential planning permission issues with creating these outside the Church and so there is some thinking going on about creating the facilities within the Church itself (using the left hand side as you come through the door).

 Some of the Parochial Church Council Members are thinking that it might be good for the long term future of the Church building if the plans became more ambitious than just toilet facilities, so that the Church could become more of a community facility.   This could involve the creation of kitchen facilities and flexible space for meetings/groups/exhibitions etc.    They would not be doing this because the Church itself needs this, but in order to create a facility the community could use more. In fact, the church does not have either the finance or the manpower to do a big project like this on its own, so if it’s to happen, it would need to be a community project, with all of us getting involved.  Because of that, the Parochial Church Council have asked the Slad Society to help find out what Slad people think about this, and whether people would value the development of the church as more of a community building.

 Creating such a facility would obviously require finding grants, and doing fundraising, and maybe supplying some manpower to help with the actual work.

The Slad Society committee is unashamedly partisan about this, - we are hugely in favour. At the moment the only community facility in the village apart from the Church is the pub, and while we love the pub it is not a perfect venue for village events.  People have been very generous in allowing their houses to be used for village events (like bring and share suppers) but it would be a huge boost to the society and its ability to run events if the Church was developed in this way. We can see all sorts of possible ways the extra facilities could be used to support the social and cultural life of the village.

This is currently only an idea, and it certainly won’t happen unless the PCC see that lots of local people would really value it and would support the plans – so we need everybody to tell us what you think – whether you agree with it or not.

 Please give us a minute of your time and respond to our questions about this by the end of October.

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