The Slad Society
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Festival treasure Hunt Answers 2014

1) What are West Country Ales?  Best in the West On sign by the front door

2)  What is the horse carrying?  Woolsacks Pub sign

3)  What number can you catch from here? Service 23 Timetable in bus shelter

4) What time is the last collection from Salmon Springs?  6.15 Sign on Post Box

5) In which direction is the view?   South View House name

6) How many buttresses hold up the Woolpack’s patio?   3

7)  Who is digging for apples at the cottage made of wood? A dog  model in the garden of Beech Cottage

8)  Which animals might use this route?  Badgers  House name Badgers Walk

9)  You may find a useful culinary herb here.   Bay  House name Bay Tree Cottage

10)  Could this be about a musical or a board game?  Chess or Chessed House name Chessed

11) Who was Kenred Smith?   A Baptist Missionary in the Congo  Plaque in bus shelter

12) How many staddle stones surround the memorial?   8

13) What animal holds flowers at Rose Cottage?   A dog  Hanging basket bracket

14) What number do you phone in an emergency? 0800 62647  Sign on pylon

15) You can’t do this on the verge?  Park Sign on house

16) What is the speed limit on this road?   20 mph

17) What is the name of the brook you are walking beside?  Slad Brook

18) Near the turning to the Restricted Byway, where is the pole?

In the grass   Sign sprayed on the road

19) If you were cold, what could you do in this area? Get in the hot tub

20) What may you do on the restricted byway?  Walk, cycle or ride a horse Sign on post

21)  What is in operation at Steanbridge House?  CCTV

22)  Is this a house for a horse or do nut trees grow here? Cob House House sign

23)  Any one for  Tennis Tennis court in garden

24)  Who was the stable built for?  Bliss  Nameplate on stable

25)  Where would you find Denis Brown & Son? Woodchester maker’s sign on gate

26)  A plant and a bird live next to one another.  Laurel and Goldcrest  adjoining house signs Laurel House and Goldcrest Cottage

27) Who was everyone’s friend?  Jack Eyers  Plaque on bench

28) Who do you contact if you want to post a letter in Painswick?

David Linsell Information on notice on notice board

29) You can rest on these if you’ve been good.  Laurels  House sign The Laurels

30) How many panes of glass in the red brick garage with the brown doors? 9 The Fieldings

31)  Which floral cottage was the home of the author of Cider With Rosie?  

Rose Bank

32)  Who grazes where the crops are cut?  Sheep at Barley Mow

33) What do you do at your own risk at Chantry Cottage?  Enter Beware of the dog enter at your own risk  sign on gate)

34) What golden bird can you see?  Cockerel on the weather vane

35)  Who lies in the valley he loved? Laurie Lee gravestone inscription

36)  How many flowers are above the church door?  9

37)  What was erected in 1887? The clock  

38)  How many petals on the flower window?  6

39) What is the instrument in Laurie’s window?  Violin

40) The symbol for the Diocese of Gloucester may lock the door.  Crossed keys On the church noticeboard